Maintenance Basics – Tyres

N.B. These notes should be read in conjunction with the relevant Instruction Book and Service Instruction Manual. In all cases the Manufacurer’s Instructions take precedence.

The cars were supplied from the factory with Crossply tyres as shown in the Instruction Book above.

Modern drivers may prefer to run on radial tyres. Several Club members use ‘Taxi’ radial tyres sized 175R16.

The recommended operating pressures for crossply tyres were

Radial tyres may need to be run at slightly different settings. Many of our members say they use 30 lb./sq. in. front, 35 lb./sq. in. rear, and this appears to work effectively and safely.

The original configuration used inner tubes within the tyres. The wheels were therefore not necessarily designed or manufactured to be airtight. Many members run with inner tubes, accepting that there is the possibility of abrasion between the inner tube and the wheel. There is an interesting article on this subject in The Globe August 2021. HERE

There is a useful discussion on tyre age in The Globe October 2019. HERE