For Sale and Wanted

Cars currently for sale and wanted – these pages also appear in the Globe, but are updated here first.

Advertisers are asked to keep an eye on their advertisements in subsequent issues of the Globe, and to inform the editor when items are no longer for sale, or no longer sought.   Email .

TROC offers no guarantee of the bona fides of any advertiser.  When transacting business with any member or non-member you do so entirely at your own risk and are you are recommended to take all normal precautions when doing so. You are strongly recommended to ascertain the suitability of parts or cars to your requirements.

Please download the PDF document :

We provide the list as a downloadable PDF so that we can share email addresses and telephone contact numbers without them being ‘harvested’ by spam robots. Please respect the contact details given, and if telephoning, do so at reasonable times (bearing in mind time zones).

If contact details you need are not given, please contact the Editor.

If you discover an item is no longer available, it would be appreciated if you inform the editor, so as to save others the same fruitless search.