Meet The Committee

Committee Members are appointed at the Club’s AGM. Some have been in post since the Club’s formation, others are complete beginners.

Chris Blackman, Chairman and Website Development.  Chris was a Mechanical Engineer in heavy industry so his interest is as much in steam engines as Razoredges. He volunteered to take on the Club’s Website Development in 2022 and after some recent arm-twistings agreed to chair our meetings.  The new website continues to develop, being an introduction to the Club, a source of technical articles and accounts of club activities.  Chris is active in his TDC in the Somerset area. 

Harry Beacall (Director) Company Secretary and Club Treasurer, had been understudying Bob Parsons in these roles throughout 2023, and has now taken on the substantive role.  Harry has a fine TD model, and is also responsible for a TDC on loan to the FBHVC classic car loan scheme. Harry is a father of two, is active on the school PTA, and runs a local vintage car group – he also has a 1927 Vauxhall, a 1938 Morris, an Austin 7 and a Rolls-Royce.

Paul Collard (Director) joined the Committee in 2022, and has taken over from Bob Hobbs the management of the Club’s extensive spares service as from January 2024.  Bob will continue to offer technical guidance and to support Paul as he gains experience in the complexities of Razoredge spares.  Paul has a superb maroon TDB and is very active in the Eastbourne area and beyond.

Roger Stone, Membership Secretary and Editor of the Newsletter. Roger was a teacher and then Data Manager in a secondary school until his retirement in 2016, and was therefore the logical choice to become membership secretary in 2018 to deal with the General Data Protection Regulations.  He has a dilapidated TDB, currently off the road.

John Bath, Club Historian, joined the Club in the first year of its existence but had sold his Renown FRD 144, shortly before.  John became the Club Historian, Press Officer and photographer, and has served in that capacity ever since. His background in corporate and commercial insurance has been of great value. He is also accredited with DVLA for validation of registration marks.

Mike Sampson  Mike’s working background in automotive design has led to the creation of our Club headed stationery and the banners seen at the Rallies.  His own car, WHX 301, was inherited from his late father-in-law, Norman Wareham; Norman was a much respected early member of the Club.  Mike helps with our annual Rally arrangements and hosts our Zoom meetings.

Tom Robinson is member number 2, and in addition to 37 years editing the newsletter has held several other offices on the committee and has amassed a wealth of detailed historical records of cars inside and outside the Club. He is widely-travelled, and has strong links with Razoredge owners in New Zealand and Switzerland (and has driven Razoredges in both!), and helps plan our annual rallies.

Bob Parsons, ex-Company Secretary and Club Treasurer, (Director).  Bob was one of the founder-members of the club in 1975. Legend has it that he was the last to arrive at one of the early meetings, and found he had been voted into the role of Treasurer, from which he has only just been allowed to escape.